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Celebrate National Prevention Week!

May 17th to May 23th is National Prevention Week. This week is dedicated to increasing awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues and hopes to create action around these topics. Each year National Prevention Week is held at the beginning of the summer. It is held at this time because it is a crucial time to remind youth and people of all ages of the negative effects of substance abuse. According to SAMHSA "The percentage of marijuana, cigarette and alcohol initiates among youth increases between spring (April and May) and summer (June and July). This year, the theme is "The Voice of One, The Power of All." This theme highlights the important role that individuals and communities alike have in helping people lead healthy, productive lives. Each day within National Prevention Week is dedicated to prevention or education surrounding substance abuse and mental health issues. The following are brief explanations of each day of National Prevention Week.

Sunday: Prevention and Cessation of Tobacco Use This day should be used to become more educated and educate others of the many negative effects of tobacco and emphasize the importance of cessation (quitting). One in every 5 deaths is due to the adverse health effects caused by cigarette smoke. That is a huge amount of lives that could be saved if everyone chose cessation.

Monday: Prevention of Underage Drinking. This day should be used to educate youth about the dangers of alcohol and encourage them not to drink while underage. There is a reason for kids to wait to start drinking alcohol; while under the age of 21, the brain is still maturing and alcohol can alter the structure and functioning of the developing brain. Drinking underage can cause problems with the brain that may last well after it has fully matured. This is why it is important to encourage youth not to drink while underage.

Tuesday: Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Use. This day should be used to inform those who may abuse prescription drugs or use illicit drugs that there is help out there for them. If you know someone who may have a drug problem, it is important for them to seek help to overcome this problem. It may be difficult for them to seek out help, but recovery is important for their overall physical, mental and social health.

Wednesday: Prevention of Alcohol Abuse. This day should be used to educate and become educated about the reality of alcohol abuse. While people who suffer from alcohol abuse are not physically dependent on alcohol, they are considered to have a disorder, which is rather serious. People who abuse alcohol allow it to interfere with their daily lives and may have problems that arise from their abuse. This is a disorder that should be taken seriously and someone who abuses alcohol should consider seeking treatment before it gets worse.

Thursday: Suicide Prevention. This day should be used to let those who may have suicidal thoughts know that there is always help and there is always someone to talk to. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Out of all American deaths, suicide is the 10th leading cause.

Friday: Promotion of Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Well-Being. This day should be used to promote your own mental, emotional, and behavioral health. It is important to take care that both the mind and body stay healthy.

For more information on National Prevention Week visit http://www.samhsa.gov/prevention-week


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The Council's Mission

The Council offers hope and recovery to people struggling with addictive behaviors and strengthens our community through prevention and education programs.

The Council's Core Values

HOPE -   Our attitude, relationships and skills project the belief that positive change can occur and goals can be achieved.

CARING & COMPASSION -  We understand that those we serve have needs for caring and compassion as they do the hard work of addressing their addiction. We communicate this from our initial welcoming message and continue throughout their stay. Our staff has similar needs, and to be effective, we need to encourage a culture of caring and compassion for each other.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE -  Our services reflect a thorough understanding of the strengths and needs of those we serve and offer a range of high quality, evidence-based practices in the field of addiction. We continuously improve our services through assessing our outcomes, our wise use of resources, responding to changing community needs and supporting the development of our staff.

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